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Seven Urban Suites Marseille


4* hotel residence

Prado district, Marseilles (13)

This 4-storey hotel residence with 69 suites is located in the center of Marseille,  in the Prado district. It was designed above all for a business clientele. On the ground floor is an equipped and cozy business corner as well as a luggage space. The 69 suites have all been designed for PRM accessibility, undoubtedly a first for an establishment of this type. 
The corridors are equipped with staff lighting displaying the floor number and a color cast has been chosen different on each floor, even the most distracted find themselves there.
All the furniture was designed by Catherine and a little home automation is hidden in the nightstands which turn into a sound station when you connect your smartphone.
The residence has its dining room, colors and lights have been worked on so that the place does not suffer from its basement location.
This hotel residence has now changed owner and name but its decoration has remained the same, proof if needed that the choice of durable materials combined with the taste for simplicity allows a decoration to be lasting. .


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