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A prestigious address

hidden behind a majestic porte-cochere.

200 m2 place des Vosges


A ground floor apartment in a historic location at the bend of a porte cochère

The objective here was twofold:  

Bring light on a dark ground floor;

Clean up the walls and the floor in order to eliminate the unpleasant humidity which is often the lot of surfaces on the ground floor in the busy Marais district.

For the light: The opening of the partition between the entrance and the living room has made it possible to regain a luminosity associated with the mirror in the dining room where the glass door and bow window are reflected.

To beat the humidity: the walls and pillars were boned, the stone and structural bricks were cleaned. A new kitchen was installed after creating a crawl space for the air to circulate, a fibrous screed and a porcelain parquet floor have definitively stopped any water rising from the basements.  

And to complete the whole, the decoration has as always  is the subject of special care in harmony with the place, its history and the use of its occupants. Large dining room for 10 to 12 people, spacious offices, built-in storage, reading area etc ...


Paris, 4th arrondissement


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