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Restaurant pizzeria Clichy sur Seine


Hauts-de-Seine, Clichy 92

It is Marguerite de Savoie who would have introduced pizza in France! It is from this sentence pronounced by the client that the atmosphere of the decoration was articulated.


How to change everything without changing anything? This pizzeria with around fifty seats has been completely redesigned in terms of decoration. The main idea is to offer customers a unique experience: ii everything is new and yet everything seems to have stood still in time. Mismatched luminaires suspended from  the aged solid oak beams on the ceiling, icons in small round frames and huge mirrors surrounded by foliage pattern.  Here it is the name “Marguerite” in homage to Marguerite Thérèse Jeanne of Savoy-Genoa, Princess of Savoy, which set the tone at the end of the 19th century. Wrought iron chairs, dark ceiling, black marble cladding covers the counter, the decor is laid out offering an old-fashioned and cozy charm.


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