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The profession of interior designer covers several necessarily complementary facets. Thus the design but also the graphics are an integral part of the skills of the interior designer. Here, discover the work of creating furniture or creating a graphic charter and signage.


Signage is the science of signage . It is based on iconic and/or linguistic semantics , i.e. using signs (numbers, pictograms, logos, symbolic colors, etc.) and/or words.

It is affixed to walls, on the ground or on panels to inform, guide and facilitate orientation and movement in public space (Sources Wikipedia)

Through the graphic charter that accompanies it, it allows the  recognition of a brand or a sign.


Architectural project

Before any architectural achievement, there is a project called APS or preliminary summary project. It consists of sketches in plans and perspectives, sometimes in photorealistic 3D and moodboards, a kind of trend board of photos, allowing the type of furniture chosen by the interior designer to be introduced, in order to allow the master work to project themselves into their future universe. The studies precede the final preliminary project or APD which will include all the technical plans:  

Plumbing and electrical or home automation distribution network plans;

Custom furniture layout plans such as the  kitchen, dressing rooms, their elevations;

General cross sections

and localized



The designer is there to invent or improve the use of everyday objects. Design must also respond to needs, by offering new solutions to improve everyone's quality of life. 

To be a  designer, you must love the arts, materials and  people at the same time. Being in tune with their needs and today more than before loving nature, respecting it to sublimate it through objects that are often aesthetic  and useful. 

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