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The Sea Breeze Hotel
Completed project for the renovation and transformation of a hotel by the sea in Carqueiranne in the Var. Particular care has been taken in the choice of materials so that the harmony is perfect between interior and exterior. Olive green in one bedroom meets mauve wisteria in another.


12 rooms and suites

on 3 levels

Transformation of the rooms to allow an orientation facing the sea

Creation of furniture in accordance with certain vintage pieces of the hotel's DNA.

Reflection on the concept and proposal for setting up a "two point zero" concierge service

200419-3D BUREAUX ENTREE4.jpg

SSII Neuilly sur Seine
Completed project to create the offices of a software house. The objective, to improve the ergonomics of workspaces while respecting the needs of a young and nomadic population concerned about the environment. A resolutely "natural" choice with the use of natural materials such as wood and reeds, the shape of the desks takes up the principle of the atolls. Creation of a rest area including in the heart of the kitchen, a herb wall. The desks were made of Krion, an antibacterial material made up of minerals, among other things, which can be recycled endlessly.

200419-3D BUREAUX.jpg

Caterer restaurant Paris 6
Reorganization of a catering restaurant with more than 150 seats on 2 levels and interior garden. The problem, to induce the presence of the interior garden from outside the establishment. The interior designer's answer, bring in abundant nature from the entrance by combining the codes of the botanical gardens of the end of the 19th century: glass roof, wrought iron, floor tiles in soft tones of almond green or old pink.

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